UN High-Level Meeting on Humanitarian Aid

A Forum on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly


Convened by the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF), the 2020 Inaugural Forum (New York, 25 September 2020) will provide an invaluable opportunity for humanitarian leaders to join key Heads of State and UN Principals at the table for high-level discussions on aid for development, a prominent agenda item of the 75 th regular session of the UN General Assembly.

The high-level event will bring together world leaders, government, and non-government actors the UN, and civil society, including youth organizations, to share experiences and learn from success stories shaping the future of humanitarian aid and international development.

WHF will feature three high-level roundtable discussions as well as keynote speeches and an intimate fireside chat to kick-off the cross-sector dialogue.



The greatest challenges facing Humanity today – poverty, inequality, hunger, health, climate change– cannot be solved by just one actor or intervention, no matter how large the investment or will. Now more than ever, advancements in global development requires non-state actors to align interests and capabilities to build ambitious coalitions that match the scale of the challenges we seek to address.

The willingness to engage in productive problem-solving oriented discussions is paramount given the need to acknowledge public pressure for change and increased demands for social responsibility. To achieve the Global Goals by 2030, articulated action is necessary and the transformative potential of cross-sector collaboration imperative


● Explore ways the private sector and investors can take a principle-based approach to achieve the Global Goals.

● Strengthen the public-private dialogue by highlighting successful partnerships between Governments, U.N. and civil society.

● Showcase effective examples of cross-sector collaboration inspiring innovative solutions.

● Support companies in making new commitments to create cross-sector solutions for social change.


Call For Action

There is public momentum that propels all social actors to action. By creating new lines of dialogue, we can achieve more creative solutions to help reach the sustainable development goals by 2030.

Working together as a global platform committed to addressing the future of the humanitarian sector and its challenges, solutions and innovation, resulting in a global dialogue inspiring the way forward to transform hope to possibility.