WHF Programming Boards

The WHF programming boards are designed to provide content guidance to the World Humanitarian Forum. The  Programming Board will help to ensure the content of the conference remains relevant and of high quality. The  Programming Boards will play a special role in helping curate the content of the WHF and provide strategic guidance for its development.  

The objective for the WHF programming board is to assist in the design and content for WHF convenings and  WHF Digital series with the aim to provide strategic guidance on key issues of international concern,  specifically focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Finance and Funding Programming Board

Finance and Funding

The role of financial institutions in promoting sustainable development goals is critical for our delivery in the decade of action. Composed by experts from NGOs and financial institutions, our finance and funding board aims to analyse how key financial actors can assist with the UN SDGs.

International Development Programming Board

International Development

Focusing on key issues within the international development sector ranging from SDG 4  on education to SDG 17 on partnerships for the goals, our International Development Programming Board is composed of UN officials, academics and private sector officials.

Medical & Health Programming Board

Covid-19 has globally impacted health infrastructure and our efforts to combat other medical issues from women’s reproductive rights to the delivery of medical aid in the field. Our medical and health board assists us in analysing key trends in the sector.

Tech for Good Programming Board

Tech For Good

The impact of technology cannot be understated, technology is having a vast impact on the humanitarian sector. Our tech for good programming board enables us to critically evaluate the impact of technology while understanding the key challenges to enabling these in the humanitarian field.

Supply-Chain Management Programming Board

RT Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are key in the delivery of humanitarian aid. Ranging from topics such as transparency and localisation, our supply chain management board is composed of experts from international institutions and INGOs.